Are BIM models complicated? Is BIM only for experts? Discover how Mezzoteam allows everyone to work on BIM models.

The amount of information provided by a BIM model can be intimidating and seem to be reserved for an elite group of specialists.
In order to enable all the project’s stakeholders to work together efficiently, Mezzoteam allows you to customise the model’s output by using business thematics.


The BIM Manager can thus manage the colour, transparency and visibility of objects in the model by class or type.
He can also prepare thematics. For example:

  • client: to filter out technical objects and show only the architecture of the building
  • technical summary: by uniformly colouring the object classes according to their speciality. For example, green for plumbing, orange for heating and air conditioning, blue for electricity, etc.
  • operator: by displaying spaces according to their destination or the service to which they are assigned

The applications of thematics are infinite. They allow the BIM Manager to simplify access to the model, each according to his or her profession and role.
Time saved for the project!

About Mezzoteam

Mezzoteam is a Common Data Environment (CDE) that enables thousands of construction stakeholders throughout the world to manage their models, documents and processes in complete safety. Used from the design phase through to the operation phase, the BIM collaborative platform is available in Cloud or On-Premises modes according to the needs of the project.

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