Do you want to manage your project efficiently? Discover the new dashboard section and its range of indicators.

First of all, dashboards bring your projects to life graphically.

Mezzoteam enables you to have an overview of project activity at any time. By adding indicators to your dashboard, you have all the operation metrics at the tip of your fingers, updated in real time.

Discover the project dashboard in one minute!

The project dashboard is a unique tool for managing your project. Included as standard in your Mezzoteam subscription (Pack and Pro), the dashboard can be customized in a few clicks. It thus enables you to anticipate delays. And it also enables you to analyse any gaps between the requirements of the project and the everyday reality of the worksite. A tool that therefore delivers greater overall efficiency for each participant.

About Mezzoteam

Mezzoteam is a Common Data Environment (CDE) that enables thousands of construction stakeholders throughout the world to manage their models, documents and processes in complete safety. Used from the design phase through to the operation phase, the BIM collaborative platform is available in Cloud or On-Premises modes according to the needs of the project.

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