Mezzoteam 5.2 was released on 18 october 2019. 

Mezzoteam 5.2 improves the capacity of the BIM Explorer to offer users a customised experience. Each user can now manage thematics, enabling them to concentrate on the specialities and classes of object in which they are interested.

The benefits of Mezzoteam 5.2:

  • customise the view of the model using thematics
  • single-click recall of your viewpoints on the model
  • obtain more detailed information on the models and their objects
  • enjoy more options for your lists of linked documents

A – Customised display of the model

Mezzoteam now offers advanced administrators and BIM Managers the ability to create thematics and manage viewpoints.

Thematics enable the colour, visibility and transparency of objects to be defined. Each user therefore can explore the model in line with his function or role.

Viewpoints enable the geographical position of the observer and the direction in which he is looking to be saved, meaning that you can easily switch from one specific view to another, whilst retaining the clipping panes applied.

B – Explore objects in the model

A BIM model may consist of several tens of thousands of objects; fortunately, the IFC format contains an object classification of which version 5.2 makes full use to facilitate user navigation

C – Improvements to the linked documents’ lists

This new version offers even greater configuration flexibility by increasing the number of displayed columns and by adding the actions available in the standard lists: sign, issue, copy links, etc.

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