Version 4.9 spotlights BIM model-related collaboration.

With this major new release, Mezzoteam integrates the entire value chain of the digital model. This version optimises communication thanks to the BIM viewer tools and enhances advanced collaboration with the BIM Project Review module.


The module enables all involved parties to work together on a BIM model:

  • The Project Owner shares their comments during the Design phase, and can then track any subsequent changes made to the model.
  • The Project Manager identifies any issues in the Requirements Engineering phase, assigns actions to the relevant parties and follows up on the resolution of the issues.
  • Companies can access requests from the PM in real time, and can initiate dialogue through the comments section.
  • Once the project is completed, the Building Operator can identify any changes and assign them to their Space Planner or their BIM project owner support (AMO) so the model can be updated.

The BIM Project Review Module provides advanced data sharing and action monitoring features through the various versions of the model, which enable the following uses:

  • Gather together all model-related comments, notes, requests and issues
  • Find the context of the issue in a single click: viewpoint, hidden objects, clipping planes, etc.
  • Assign notes, comments and issues to one or more project users, and follow up on resolution
  • Keep each participant in the loop using comment and email notifications
  • Go back in time to find the status of the model and comments at a given date

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After introducing a full range of BIM viewer tools, Mezzoteam now offers new analysis and measuring features.
These tools enable users to:

  • Create clipping planes parallel to the sides of the objects in the model
  • Add several clipping planes in order to view a floor of the model for example
  • Display, hide or delete the clipping planes
  • Measure objects
  • Delete a measurement

These features, like the viewer features, greatly improve the model’s functionality for all Mezzoteam users. They are included free of charge in Mezzoteam Cloud.

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