Clipping plane and measuring features are part of Mezzoteam BIM Explorer standard functionalities. They are accessible to all users while viewing a BIM model through through the commands in the graphic toolbar.

Discover these 2 features of Mezzoteam BIM Explorer in 1 minute.

These tools enable you to:

  • Create clipping planes parallel to the sides of the objects in the model
  • Add several clipping planes in order to view a floor of the model for example
  • Display, hide or delete the clipping planes
  • Measure objects, distance between objects etc.

Mezzoteam offers additional model exploration standard features:

  • Share simple or federated models
  • Browse objects and their properties
  • Apply business thematics
  • Browse by zone and level

Mezzoteam also offers other optional features such as:

  • The BIM Project Review allows to gather together all model-related comments, notes, requests and issues. The users can assign notes and issues to other project members, and follow up on resolution. Discover the Project Review with Mezzoteam through our video.
  • Mezzoteam add-on for Revit improves teams’ productivity and the quality of information produced. This add-on can be used to automate the publication of 2D deliverables (sheets and views) in the project’s collaborative workspace.

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