Real estate management solutions


Prosys has two solutions for organisations and companies wishing to manage their property holdings:


  • A complete web solution for real estate management: Planoteam focuses on ease of use, an important condition for having a regularly updated property references. Used by real estate, financial and general service offices, Planoteam positions itself as an essential component of a Property Capital Information System. Through its web interface, Planoteam can be accessed directly from your intranet via a simple URL. You can access, consult and update your data according to your access rights.


Planoteam allows you to:

  • Show fire extinguishers that need revision, in just one click... more
  • Know the precise state of your surface areas as well as the occupation of your premises... more
  • Plan relocations... more
  • Have updated plans in real time... more
  • Have a map of premises per department... more
  • Find out the status of your leases in real time... more





Real estate management from a single workstation: pro.plan

With pro.plan, Prosys provides  creators, designers and real estate managers with a simple solution which accelerates graphic entry on AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture.

Copie écran Pro.Plan


pro.plan enables real estate and associated information to be managed graphically and alphanumerically.

Based on the AutoCAD standard, the solution can handle all the information associated with different sites (surface areas, occupiers, furnishings etc.) and rapidly produce thematic maps.

Using the bidirectional database link with Excel, you can quickly gain a true overview of the real estate assets.

With pro.plan, you can:

  • quickly structure input of your holdings on AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture
  • analyse surface areas (used and unused areas, gross and net areas etc.) and equipment
  • produce themed plans automatically, defined according to information concerning the site
  • position and locate equipment
  • produce area reports and site and equipment sheets on Excel.
And more
Manage your real estate surfaces
Find out the status of your leases in real time
Manage relocations

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